• How to get online

    1. Check your WiFi is on
    2. Select The Cloud from the available network list
    3. Open browser and follow on screen instructions to register or log on
    4. Once you’ve registered you will seamlessly connect to The Cloud Wifi without needing to re-enter your username and password
  • I’ve forgotten my password or security question

    Don’t worry, simply email us from your account to wifiuser@sky.uk and let us know you need your password reset (or account deactivated) and we’ll sort this for you.

  • I want to change my email or memorable word

    Just log into your account and access your account details. You can do this by going to "Settings/Manage Account" and then "Update Details".

  • The Cloud home page is displaying someone else’s name

    This tends to happen when the device has been registered by a previous owner/user. Let us know the device MAC/WiFi address by emailing wifiuser@sky.uk and we’ll reset this for you.

  • I can’t see The Cloud page when connecting to network

    If this happens, you may need to manually type in the web url: http://service.thecloud.net. Here you will be able to Register/Login and browse the internet.

  • I’ve received a error message

    If you see a "Lost in the Clouds" error message/Error 500 or the login/registration page refreshes itself after entering login, please ensure that your device is accepting cookies. (‘Accept Cookies’ setting should be set to ‘Always’.)

    You may need to clear your browsing history (cache, cookies, form data) and try logging in again.

  • How do I unsubscribe from marketing?

    To use The Cloud you give us permission to use your information as set out in our privacy notice. If you withdraw this consent, we will remove access to the service.

    This means deactivating your account. Please let us know at wifiuser@sky.uk if you wish your account to be deactivated.

    However, it is possible to unsubscribe from our "Offers" newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom of that email.

  • Is The Cloud free?

    The vast majority of The Cloud venues are free. However some require you to obtain a free code, or purchase a voucher to get online. If payment is required, you’ll be asked to select a time limit and purchase using your credit card. Please note the cost of the service is set by the venue you’re in.

  • How do I get an activation code?

    Some venues require you to obtain an activation code to get online. To get yours, ask a member of staff at the venue you’re in. You can enter this code on the login screen when asked.

  • I’m connected to The Cloud but there’s no internet available

    This happens when a manual DNS address has been set up. Simply clear your DNS settings or set it to obtain DNS address automatically. For help with this, email wifiuser@sky.uk and let us know you need help changing your DNS.

  • Is the WiFi Finder app available on Windows or Blackberry?

    The WiFi Finder app is only available on Android and Apple devices. There are no current plans to release a version for Windows or Blackberry.

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