• Forgotten password?

    Please click on the top right "Sign in" button and click the forgotten password link or click here.

  • Connecting to The Cloud

    1. Switch on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and check that Wi-Fi is enabled.

    2. Select ‘_The Cloud’ from the available network list.

    3. Open your internet browser – the venue landing page will appear. If it is your first time using The Cloud Wi-Fi network, follow the simple one-time registration process by sharing some simple details.

    4. Once registered you can access the internet via The Cloud’s Wi-Fi:

    5. Start browsing the web!

  • Connecting with Windows 7

    1. Click the on wireless icon on the right hand side at the bottom of your device.

    2. Select '_The Cloud' and click connect.

    3. A box will appear to show that you are being connected to The Cloud.

    4. Once you have connected open your web browser and The Cloud's landing page will appear. Simply hit the "Get online" button to get access to The Cloud.

  • Connecting with Windows 8

    Please note: Windows 8 uses the Metro (Touch) user interface right alongside the traditional Desktop one. Therefore, there are two different ways to connect to The Cloud.

    1a. (Touch / Metro Interface) From the Start Screen, manoeuvre your cursor to the top-left of the screen. This will get the side menu to display (e.g. Search, Share, Start, Devices, Settings)

    1b. (Non Touch / Desktop interface). Select the WiFi icon from the right hand side of the taskbar to open the list of available networks. Once you've done this, please continue troubleshooting from step number 4.

    2. Select Settings.

    3. When Settings appears, locate the WiFi icon underneath the break.

    4. Locate and select 'The Cloud' from the list of available wireless networks. Windows will prompt whether you wish to connect to The Cloud automatically. Tick the box if you want your device to connect to The Cloud when in range and then click Connect. If not, just click Connect.

    5. Windows may ask "Do you have a username and password for this WiFi Hotspot?" Select "No, open a web browser to complete the connection."

    6. The Cloud Landing Page should now appear in your web browser. Select Get Online.

  • Mac OSX

    1. Click on AirPort in the toolbar and select Turn AirPort On.

    Connect my Mac based Device 1

    2. Select '_The Cloud' from the list of available wireless networks, then select Open Internet Connect…

    Connect my Mac based Device 2

    3. The AirPort status screen will now appear.

    Connect my Mac based Device 3

    Open your Internet browser and you should reach The Cloud's landing page, if you don't just refresh the page.

  • iOS

    There is one time authentication process to follow when you first visit a Cloud hotspot. Simply follow the steps below to register or login...

    Check your WiFi is on by selecting 'Settings' from the home screen and selecting 'Wi-Fi'. If you are in coverage of a Cloud hotspot, you will be offered '_The Cloud', select this SSID to connect. Now return to the home screen and select 'Safari', you will see the Cloud landing page. If you don't click to refresh the page. Now simply select 'Get Online' and follow the onscreen instructions. When the WiFi session is established, you will see 'welcome to The Cloud' and the session counter displays the session time. You can now begin your WiFi browsing session.

    All you will need to do is ensure you are in a Cloud hotspot and then start browsing, using You Tube or downloading a track from iTunes. It couldn't be easier.

  • Android

    You should be able to connect to The Cloud via WiFi on your Android device, regardless of your mobile network provider.

    Please ensure that the WiFi setting is switched on then connect to the wireless network _The Cloud. From there, you should open your phone's web browser, login with your details (please register if you haven't got an account with us) and away you go!

  • How do I find the Media Access Control (MAC) address on my windows desktop / laptop?

    Media Access Control (MAC) addresses are 12 characters separated either by colons or dashes (00:00:00:00:00:00 or 00-00-00-00-00-00) and are made up of a combination of numbers 0-9 and letters A-F.

    You can find the Media Access Control (MAC) address also known as Wi-Fi or physical address of your laptop by;

    1. Type in "CMD" into a windows search box
    2. A link to "Command Prompt" should be displayed. Please click the link and open "Command Prompt"
    3. A pop up will appear. Please write the command:

    > ipconfig /all

    > Hit return key on your keyboard.

    Once you have followed the above steps the below information will appear within the pop up. The information we need to concentrate on is the "Wireless Network connection" data. Included in the Wireless Network Connection section is a "Physical Address". This is also known as your MAC address. This is the address you will need to note down, so that you can register with The Cloud.

  • How do I change my physical address, WiFi or MAC address linked to my Cloud Unlimited Single or Multi agreement?

    If for whatever reason you need to change the Media Access Control (MAC) address registered on your Cloud Unlimited Single or Multi agreement you will need to fill in the help request form on the right and request this change.

    Remember, you will need to provide your username, existing MAC address and your new or correct Physical address, WiFi or Media Access Control (MAC) address of your device.

    Cloud Unlimited Multi agreements can only be amended with Physical addresses, WiFi or Media Access Control (MAC) addresses that start with the following octets; 00:1D:4F, 00:1E:52 or 00:1e:c2.

    Once we have updated the address for you we will drop you an email to confirm that this has been completed so that you can continue to use your subscribed product.

  • Can I add more than one physical address, Wifi or MAC address to my Cloud Unlimited Single or Multi agreement?

    Only one MAC/Wi-Fi address per subscription is allowed for both the Cloud Unlimited Single and Multi subscriptions. If you wish to use more than one device, than you would need to purchase the Cloud Unlimited Multi, which allows multiple devices to be used but not both at the same time. However if you are wanting to use two devices at the same time then you would be best to purchase two Cloud Unlimited single packages, one for each device.

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